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About Us

 About Us 

Our founders Eva Dalak and Dalit Eliahu experienced a profound change within themselves through taking part in and graduating with a Master Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in California. (

Israeli, Eva and Dalit were born in the same place during the same year. However, Eva is of Palestinian descent and Dalit is of Jewish descent.

Before traveling to Israel in 2011, Eva asked Dr. Ron Hulnick (co-founder of the Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology) to connect her with Israeli women who were also committed to peace building. Dr. Hulnick arranged for her to meet Dalit.

This meeting was a unique experience for both women. For the first time in their lives, ethnic, religious and national identities were so unimportant they were not even discussed.

The two’s deep connection and mutual interest in Spiritual Psychology led them to immediately embrace their shared humanity and inspired them to envision supporting citizens of Israel from all backgrounds to transform their own society.

From this first meeting of two women who came from opposing sides of history and now stood united arose a shared vision that conflict transformation from within can happen for anyone who is interested and committed. This idea is applicable to all citizens of Israel, the Middle East and eventually the entire planet once one has learned to connect to his or her own humanity and leave behind fear, shame and guilt that leads to projections and blame.

Dalit created a version of the Spiritual Psychology Program focused on Israelis, a 9-month course in which participants learn the skills and tools to arrive at a deeper understanding of themselves. 

These transformative workshops are the next step in Dalit and Eva’s vision and create a safe, shared space where both Palestinians and Jewish citizens can learn the key elements of Spiritual Psychology and dedicate themselves to building peace and acceptance inside themselves and their country.

Kenneth Fisher

One Whole Peace, Co-Creator

Heal The Planet, Founder

Ken began his entrepreneurial career with an ice cream business at the early age of 17. His business interests have spanned multiple industries including retail, telecommunications and real estate. Ken has used his business acumen to assist many charities with marketing, fundraising and guidance. As founder of Heal The Planet, Ken is dedicated to improving life on the planet through education, raising awareness and encouraging people to live more mindful and conscious lives. Ken studied and completed the Masters program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. One day Dr. Ron Hulnick, the co-founder of Spiritual Psychology, mentioned to Ken that two past graduates, Dalit and Eva, were seeking financial support to create conflict transformation workshops in Israel. Ken was immediately called to action and ever since, Ken has been co-creating with Dalit and Eva, refining and exploring every step in the process of bringing One Whole Peace into being.   

Facilitators’ Academic & Professional Background

Dalit Eliahu

MA Spiritual Psychology

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Dalit is an educator, coach and facilitator. After studying and graduating with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in 2003, Dalit decided to dedicate her life to teaching the technology of spiritual psychology in service to world peace. Dalit left her lucrative career as a director at a hi-tech company based in Los Angeles and began coaching, facilitating workshops and working with individuals and organizations. Eventually Dalit went back to Israel and established an Israeli coaching school based on the principles and practices of spiritual psychology, which is still her main focus.  

Eva Dalak 

MA in International Relations

MA Spiritual Psychology

Born and raised in Jaffa, Eva is a coach, facilitator and trainer. Her practice has been largely inspired by her background, education and work experience.

As a Palestinian in Israel, Eva had early insight into the underpinnings of human conflict and its impact on individual experience and society building. She holds two separate Master Degrees in International Relations, Diplomacy and Law at the Sorbonne in Paris. She’s been working for 17 years as a Peace and Conflict Transformation Facilitator for the United Nations, the European Union and other international organizations. Eva conducts these kinds of workshops all over the world, mainly in conflict zones, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Burundi and others.


Tel: +972-54-4530315

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Tel Aviv 69672



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